Harnessing Networking In Your Job Search.

Networking is a very essential component of job hunting as it increases the chance of success in your job search. While you may be worried that you are nervous or any other objection you may think will lock you down regarding how to best network, there are many opportunities out there you may not have known existed! A highlighted recommendation to you — start networking sooner rather than later. In this article, we shared certain steps that must be taken in your networking process. These steps are important as they allow you to put an effective strategy in place that generates results.

1. Identify People in Your Network
The first step is to identify the people in your network and highlight key players. Grab your phone and list:

Your personal contacts. These can be anyone including:

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Social media connections

Professional contacts. People in this category include:

  1. Current coworkers
  2. Previous coworkers
  3. Previous managers
  4. Consultants
  5. Business owners
  6. Clients/Customers

2. Start Organizing Your Network
Step 2 is to start organizing your network. Go through the contacts you have listed and create your networking list. Create a list (Google Sheets, Excel Spreadsheet) to help you categorize and organize all your contacts.

3. Utilize your LinkedIn and Email

We are lucky to live in a time like this, because we have platforms like LinkedIn and e-mail! If you have any interest whatsoever in an industry, or a specific company — find those people on LinkedIn and reach out! Something as simple as writing the following could open many doors:

“My name is Kafula and I am highly interested in your industry and would love to chat briefly to learn more about what you do. Do you have any availability in the next coming weeks?”

Relationships you can cultivate and maintain will benefit you in one way or another. Through making these introductions and connections, you not only can learn about an industry of interest, but make a great impression and stay on their radar for future internships or job openings. That contact you met two months ago at a Job Fair or Church? They may now have an internship opening at your dream company and before posting it online calls you first because you wowed them by taking the initiative to introduce yourself.

Good luck with your career searches and we hope this can help you take the first step!




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Sandy Simagwali

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